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Group Exhibition

Katharina Schilling, Laura Hinrichsmeyer, Lisa Holzer, Len Schweder, Nadim Vardag, Stano Filko, Lucas Cranach the Elder & Workshop

Loggia is pleased to announce »Ringen«. The group exhibition is questioning to which extent conflict and competition are still effective models for the production and critique of contemporary art.

Works by Katharina Schilling, Laura Hinrichsmeyer, Len Schweder, Nadim Vardag, Stano Filko and Lisa Holzer will be juxtaposed with prints of Lucas Cranach the Elder & workshop to enable a contemplation of pictorial and corporeal techniques.

For both systems (grappling and image making) have transcended their original context (altercations & communication) and have the potential to broaden our awareness of reality.

Untere Augartenstr. 26/Top 27, 1020 Vienna