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Where is the festival taking place?

The festival is taking place at many different locations at the same time, making visible a decentralized network of art spaces in Vienna. The format of open house days at participating spaces makes it easy to visit many of them in a short period of time, without looking up their individual opening hours, or making an appointment to do so.

What is an independent space?

An independent space is a permanent, public, physical space dedicated to contemporary art, that is neither an art dealer nor a major institution.

These related terms are often used interchangeably: off-space, alternative space, project space, artist-run space, non-commercial space.

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On finding the spaces

Independent spaces are often found in unexpected places: a storefront, a basement, a private apartment, a window box, a back yard, the back of a car. You might not always find a sign pointing you to what you are looking for. This can be part of the experience. If you're struggling to find a participating space, please refer to the accessibility page.

How are the participating spaces selected?

The festival is not a curated event. All independent spaces in Vienna are invited to participate. A listing in the directory of independent spaces is required. Find out more:

Who is behind Independent Space Index?

The Independent Space Index Network is organized by volunteers, and driven by collaborative effort. Every year a small team takes on the task of organizing the festival, while the format is collectively developed and evolving with each iteration.


We welcome any feedback about your experience of the festival. Please contact us with any concerns regarding future editions. We would love to hear from you: