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MUME: Reverse Journey through the Anti-Museum

Group Exhibition
Moving Image / Media

Oscar Cueto, Lorena Tabares, Alfredo Ledesma, Natalia Hurst, Marko Dinić und Marko Markovic

For the 18th edition of MUME, Lorena Tabares in collaboration with Alfredo Ledesma, Natalia Hurst, Marko Dinic and Marko Markovic proposes a visual, installative, performative, poetic, and sonorous “sub_essay” that traces the genealogy of MUME as a nomadic para_museum in a context of obscurities, disasters, and global reconfigurations.

The exhibition is composed of segments listing projects that have attempted in various ways to dismantle the museum model as an embodiment of the Western world. The Para-Archive documents practices across and beside art history that have challenged official cultural institutions with their temporary, profane, faulty, deficient, ghostly, mutated, irregular, and lateral existence. In an effort to reverse the narrative of the archive itself, Tabares will invite five artists living in Austria to select a narrative fragment and subjectively reinterpret it through sound poetry, electronic music, or performance. This series of poetic and sonorous activations of the archive suggests that even in the capitalist night, systems emerge that realign their forces and create decentralised memory and history paths as well as fleeting fictions between “architectural mastodons,” “jurisdictions,” and “artistic artefacts.”

Wattgasse 16/6, 1160 Vienna