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David Mase & Markus Benjamin Riedler: Honey, poison, spike. collaborative paintings

Duo Exhibition

David Mase und Markus Benjamin Riedler

As an artist duo, Markus Benjamin Riedler and David Mase pursue a dialogical approach to painting. Their paintings are based on jointly developed scenarios and play with fictitious compositions of people and objects that often refer to unusual events. These scenes serve as a platform for the exploration of social, psychological and art-historical issues that find expression in their paintings.

In their jointly created works, the individual styles of the two artists are brought together to form a collective visual language. They draw on a variety of sources, ranging from popular culture memes to art historical quotations. Their images reflect the complexity of human relationships with nature and society, combined with layers of memories, experiences and emotions. The everyday and the ordinary meet the surreal, realistic moments alternate with abstract textures.

In addition to painting, they also experiment with installations, drawings, monotypes and sculptures. Since 2006, they have been members of the artist group GOTO, which organizes exhibitions internationally., (Translated with DeepL)

Alliogasse 1, 1150 Vienna