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Michael Bachhofer, Christiane Spatt: Bevor die Sonne untergeht

Moving Image / Media
Duo Exhibition

Michael Bachhofer, Christiane Spatt

Michael Bachhofer and Christiane Spatt deal with the phenomenon of transience in different ways.

Under the title “The Big Bug Immersion”, Michael Bachhofer is trying to develop an ultra-resolution 3D scanner for insects in order to at least visually capture them before the sun sets for them forever. However, immersive insect representations may also allow us to delve deeper into their world, learn to appreciate them and protect their habitats and thus ourselves.In her symbol-laden installation “Schall und Rauch”, Christiane Spatt plays with the themes of transience, subconsciousness and consciousness and uses the motif of mirroring - as a metaphor and material. (Translated with DeepL)

Kaisermühlenstraße 14, 1220 Vienna