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Neuer Kunstverein Wien

Rennweg 110-116, 1030 Vienna

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  • The Neue Kunstverein Wien (NKW) is an interdisciplinary space for exhibitions, artistic interventions and discourse. The aim of the NKW is to offer Austrian and international artists a laboratory and a ‘free zone’ to facilitate the exchange, production and presentation of contemporary art.

    The NKW brings artists into dialogue with outstanding architectural and spatial locations in Vienna. The NKW plays with changing spaces, while acting and reacting to its urban and architectural environment with its art projects.

    The NKW presents and collaborates with artists whose work reflects the interactions between visual art, film, music, architecture, literature, dance, performance and spatial intervention and discusses issues of social and political relevance.

    The NKW focuses on the presentation of important positions of contemporary artists in order to strengthen their position in the art discourse and in the presentation and reception of art.